Tunnels and Tubes

We have tunnels and tubes in a range of styles, sizes and materials for all your stretched piercing needs.

Ruby Tunnels Red

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Ear Tunnels & Tubes

Tunnels and tubes are another great option for your stretched piercings and we have a range of fantastic high quality tunnels and tubes across a range of different materials and in sizes that cater for everyone. We have jewellery for those just starting out on their stretching journey right up to the largest of sizes for experienced stretchers.

We have tunnels and tubes in organic materials and across all the body piercing suitable metals. Just remember that Wildcat Australia tries to provide all your piercing needs and includes all the appropriate surgical tapers and medical supplies for stretching procedures.

Whether it is screw-on flesh tunnels you are looking for, flared wood tunnels, surgical steel flesh tubes or glass jewellery, take a look at our range now and start adding them to your cart, we have delivery options that mean you could have them the following business day. If for any reason you need to contact us regarding products, our website or our services, please do not hesitate to email us at admin@wildcataustralia.com.au or contact us via our contact page here.