Dermal Anchors, Surface Barbells and Skin Divers

We have dermal anchor and skin diver jewellery that feature only the highest quality materials and excellent manufacturing resulting in perfect piercing hardware.

Dermal Anchors, Skin Divers and Surface Barbells

Still relatively new body piercings in comparison to the overall history of body piercing and body modification, dermal anchors and skin divers could be one of the biggest developments in the body piercing industry since its resurgence and establishment in the modern age. They open up a whole new set of possibilities for piercing placement enabling permanent body adornment on parts of the body we had only ever dreamed of.

Firstly with surface bars and later with dermal anchors and skin divers, Wildcat Australia was making sure that Australian body piercing professionals had the highest quality jewellery and piercing tools to perform these more invasive procedures. Quality of jewellery is paramount when it comes to body piercing and although there were many manufacturers quick to jump on this new trend, we continue to make sure quality is never compromised. As these new piercings overcame the initial phases, the jewellery has had slight alterations and upgrades in design and we have sought to stay up to date and provide these newest iterations of the dermal anchor and skin diver jewellery designs.

Being the next stage of piercing, dermal anchors and skin divers require specialised piercing tools throughout the lifespan of the piercing, from initial insertion to changing of attachments and removal. Wildcat Australia aims to provide a full range to provide these tools and so can ensure that our jewellery and tools work perfectly together. Additionally, our range of screw-on attachments means that you can be assured that compatibility will not be an issue.

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