All the very best and highest quality plugs and gauges for your stretched ear lobes (or other stretched piercings).

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Stretched Ear Plugs, Ear Gauges

An age old custom, ancient tribes and civilisations have used body modifications as important parts of their cultures, signifying important life stages, social status, appearance for war or beautification. Ear stretching is one of the most universal body modifications across ancient people.


Stretched ears into today’s world has links back to those ancient traditions that came before us but alternatively goes forwards into the modern world with new materials, styles and technologies evident in the new jewellery. These modern ear plugs sit alongside the traditional carved woods and organics of the ancients. At Wildcat Australia our range covers all aspects of stretched piercing jewellery from the traditional to the latest in styles.


Whether you are searching for titanium ear plugs or surgical stainless steel ear gauges we have so many options and we have plugs that go up to 50mm, so we are sure you will find the perfect item in our online shop.

Additionally, make sure you check out our tunnel and tubes and our flared eyelets range to see even more stretched ear/piercing jewellery options. Don’t forget to use our handy filter on the left to filter the options by the exact size you need.

Our experienced staff at Wildcat Australia know body jewellery, so if you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us or give us a call on (07) 3352 4844 for a chat!