Circular Barbells and Body Spirals

We stock a fantastic range of high quality circular barbells in different materials, styles and from the very small sizes right up to the heaviest of gauges.

Circular Barbell Piercing Jewellery

Being a ring that is extremely easy to insert as well as a versatile piece that is suitable for numerous types of body piercings, it is no surprise that the circular barbell is a strong choice when selecting body jewellery.

Also known as a “horseshoe” (due to their shape), the circular barbell has a two balls on either end of a circular (or “U” shaped) bar. They come in a number of materials and sizes as well as an enormous range of different ball/attachments on the ends. This also means potential to change the balls/attachments creating a whole new look quickly and easily.

At Wildcat Australia we will always encourage the use of high quality internally threaded jewellery for piercings. With internally threaded jewellery, the threads are attached to the balls and therefore on the inside of the bar and away from the piercing, this is better for healing, overall comfort and especially for changing of jewellery.

Being suitable for the majority of piercings, Wildcat Australia carries a huge range of circular barbells across numerous materials and sizes. Do not forget that you can easily change attachments for the circular barbells so take a look at the screw-on attachments area at all the new possibilities.

Rest assured that we stand by the jewellery we sell, so start looking through our fantastic range of barbells and we are just a short email or call away to help with whatever you require. Email us at or give us a call on (07) 3352 4844 and speak to one of our friendly staff members.