Ear Studs, Cuffs and Ear Drops

Our collection of ear studs, cuffs and ear drops includes fashionable pieces from elegant and classic styles to the latest trends.

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Ear Studs, Cuffs and Ear Drops

Ear piercing is a huge part of the body piercing industry being one of the oldest known forms of body modification. There has also been an increase in popularity of upper ear and cartilage piercings which brings a need for high-quality, fashionable jewellery suitable for these piercings. With this in mind, Wildcat Australia provides a well edited range of jewellery suitable for lobes (one of the most common body piercings) but also for the various other ear piercings.

Changing jewellery is always a high priority for ear piercings and having different options and styles to change to is extremely important. We provide many options for the fashion conscious while maintaining our commitment to quality jewellery at affordable prices. You can be assured that the likeliness of reactions to our jewellery to be extremely rare as we provide classic styles of traditional ear jewellery in materials and in jewellery types better suited to healing, comfort and the health of the piercing.

So start browsing through our range of ear piercing jewellery and if you have any questions or queries relating to our jewellery or services, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call on (07) 3352 4844.