Nipple Jewellery

Nipple piercing popularity has exploded of recent times and our select range of quality nipple jewellery provides you with all the best options and latest styles.

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Nipple Piercing Jewellery

Due to the ever increasing list of celebrities adorning their nipples with piercings, recent times has seen an explosion in the popularity of nipple piercing. With this surge of popularity comes the increase in availability of nipple piercing specific jewellery. No longer is the options for nipple piercings limited to plain barbells and ball closure rings but instead huge amounts of different styles, colours and designs are out there now.

As all individual’s tastes are different so are all their piercings. So at Wildcat Australia we have always made sure to deliver all the latest trends and styles while staying true to the body piercing roots and traditions. We have increased our nipple jewellery range with not only more feminine styles but also increasing masculine nipple jewellery options across a number of high quality materials. All possible sizes are covered too as nipple piercings sizes do vary greatly.

So start browsing through our select range of nipple piercing jewellery and again, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, enquiries or new product requests.