Titanium Blackline® Micro Labrets : 1.2mm (16ga) x 5mm x 3mm Ball

Titanium Blackline® Micro Labrets : 1.2mm (16ga) x 5mm x 3mm Ball


The Titanium Blackline® Micro Labret Stud is made of premium quality titanium with a PVD coating. Accept nothing but the best when you buy from the Titanium Blackline® range, it is the original black body jewellery!

This product has a 1.2mm (16ga) stem thickness and is available in stem lengths from 5mm up to 10mm (in 1mm increments) as well as 12mm.

This product is available in Titanium Highline® (ZLS), Titanium Zirconline® (GZL), Steel Basicline® (LAB) and in Steel Blackline® (KLZ). If you are looking for an alternative to titanium or steel, we suggest our Bioplast line (e.g. WAB).

The suitable replacement balls can be found in the Titan Blackline®. they are called KTB.

Unit: Each

Suitable for: Ear, Lip, Tragus

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Ball Size
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