Titanium Highline® Barbell Stem : 1.6mm (14ga) x 13mm

Titanium Highline® Barbell Stem : 1.6mm (14ga) x 13mm


The Titanium Highline® Stem is the perfect barbell stem ready for your choice of balls or attachments. Made of premium quality titanium, this component is available in a 1.2mm (16ga) stem thickness and in stem lengths of 5mm up to 10mm (in 1mm increments) as well as 12mm. In a 1.6mm (14ga) stem thickness, this stem is available from 6mm up to 64mm (in 1mm increments).

Unit: Each

Suitable for: Bridge, Ear, Genital (Male), Helix, Lobe, Nipple, Tongue, Tragus

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